The Urge

I am fighting the urge to email Mr. M. with all my being.

His company submitted an RFP to my company, and if they win, his company, possibly he himself, will be working directly with my manager.

Not me necessarily, but with my manager.

The RFPs were due yesterday at 2:00pm. I know for a fact his company successfully submitted theirs are in the running with six other companies.

I want to email him. I am DYING to email him.

Not talking to him for a week after being in constant contact for eight weeks is killing me.

Do I think he will change his mind about how he feels? Nope.

Do I want him to miss me? Yes.

Is it wrong of me to send him a short email that says, ‘I hear your company submitted your RFP. Good luck with it.’

Seriously. Is that so wrong?