The Look Of Love

A quick post today to share something The Daughter said last night.

She was with her friend S who was over for dinner. They were discussing boys, as 13-year-old girls tend to do.

They discussed what they want in a relationship. The Daughter said to her friend, “you want a guy who will look at you the way Dad looks at Anonymous”.

Mr. J and I were sitting outside across from each other at a patio table, just having finished dinner. The Daughter and Friend just happened to see Mr. J look at me after she made that statement. And I guess the look on his face at that moment was exactly what they were talking about. Lovingly? Adoringly? Hungrily?

I don’t know, but whatever the look was, it made the girls go giggly and mushy, and, I think, quite happy.

I am a lucky, lucky girl to be in love with this man.



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