Vacation Time

Hello all!

I am back from a fun-filled week with Mr. J and his family. It was, for the most part, enjoyable. There were moments that were not-so-enjoyable, and I will share them as I am able to wrap my head around them.

Let’s start with the pre-trip frustration.

Before we even left the city… before we even picked up The Son and The Daughter, The Ex was making waves for Mr. J.

In one of her many, many texts to him, she said the same thing to Mr. J as she said the last time we were going to visit his family: “Just make sure your family bash me too much in front of the kids” – or some such nonsense to that effect.


Mr J is on vacation. With his children. And his HOT GIRLFRIEND.

Does she really think that we are going to sit in front of the fire, drinking and laughing about how awful The Ex is?

Really? Is she that shallow?

It’s sad, actually that she has so little confidence that she thinks that any of us would spend our precious vacation time thinking about her, let alone talking about her.

I know that it is her own guilt coming through. She  knows that what she did was shitty. And she knows Mr. J’s family knows the intimate details, and likely also thinks it was shitty

And she also didn’t care much for Mr J’s family – essentially forcing him to choose between her and them.

So to think that any of them would spend their time – especially when Mr J’s girlfriend is going to be there – talking about her is just sad.

In all the time I have spent with Mr J’s family, her name rarely come up.

With the one exception of trying to make future plans and realizing that the weekend in question was Mom’s weekend with the kids.

Let her feel guilty. I hope she does. I hope that she worried all week about all the details we were sharing about how horrible she is.

While I spent my week basking in the sun, reading some good books, going on boat rides, swimming, laughing, kayaking and eating and drinking myself silly.

Exactly how I wanted to spend my summer vacation.



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