Six Months

This weekend Mr. J2 and I officially celebrated our six month anniversary.

While it wasn’t technically the anniversary of our first date – which happened three weeks after we started talking, we did go to the same restaurant.

We started the day with a breakfast of French toast and bacon with the kids, and I had spent the night. The Daughter and I spent Friday evening watching the first few episodes of Glee and hanging out with Dad.

Saturday we hung out with the kids for a bit and then ran a few errands, followed by preparation for date night. But first, I gave him his first present.

2016-04-30 14.15.46

I had seen this done on Pinterest (love Pinterest!) and with some modification I made it work. Candy in little jars and cute sayings. Mr. J2 loves sweets so this was a simple, inexpensive gift that kept on giving. Mini Big Turks, gummy butterflies, dark chocolate covered almonds, Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Pieces completed the set. It might have only cost me about $20 in candy (and leftovers) but seeing the surprise and delight on his face (no pun intended) was worth it.

Then it was time to get ready for date night. I did all my pre-date rituals (shower, shave, makeup, hair) and brought a new dress to wear to dinner. Mr. J2 dressed up as well and then I gave him the cuff links I’d had engraved.

With not just his initials… but also with mine. I had one done with his and the other with mine. (I won’t post a photo due to anonymity)

I know, I’m a sap, what can I say? But he brings this part out of me. With him I want to buy the sappy cards, the sappier the better. In fact, when I leave his place and go back to mine for the week, I usually leave a card for him to find somewhere in the bedroom. Beneath some underwear, on the bathroom shelf, under his pillow.

Just a little something to let him know I am always thinking of him.

I’m sure you are wondering what I received as a gift from Mr. J2. Well, the week before, he bought me a dresser.

I know it sounds weird, but he bought me the same dresser he is already using in his room, so that when I stay with him, now my clothes are in my own dresser and not just stuffed in a cubby next to the bed.

No, it didn’t have a big red bow on it, and no, there wasn’t a sappy card but that doesn’t matter to me.

The dresser, while practical, is actually quite romantic. It means he wants me there. It means we have a future together, and he wants to start it with me. To build a life with me.

Which says more to me than a card ever could.

So after gifts and getting dressed, Mr. J2 happily posed for some photos with me. We don’t have many photos of the two of us, so I wanted a few that were not selfies or taken with cellphone cameras. So I set up my tripod and my SLR camera and took a bunch of great ones.

After the photo shoot we went to dinner, and yes, I ordered the same thing as on our first date. What can I say? It was a great lasagna and I will probably order it again the next time we go.

Then we drove home after dinner, full of lasagna and steak and cheesecake, to have a few drinks and to watch Casablanca. You see, I had never seen the movie in its entirety. I had heard it was such a romantic film that I had, as an adult, always wanted to sit and watch it with someone special.

That never happened, until now.

So we watched it and enjoyed some cocktails.

And some kisses. God DAMN that man can kiss. I told him last week and it’s so true – his kisses knock my socks off.

So after the movie, I decided it was time for me to knock HIS socks off.

Earlier in the week I picked up a little something from the lingerie store. White and black, satin and lace. With black garters, stockings, and even long black elbow gloves.

Oh yes I did.

And if I can be so bold as to say I DID knock his socks off.

And all his other clothes as well…. oops.

I don’t know what it is about this man but he just does something to me. Not just physically – or maybe not ONLY physically. There is just something about him. I don’t want to say the old cliché of “I’ve never felt this way before” but in this case, it’s true.

He’s the whole package. The real deal.

And do you know why I don’t care that he doesn’t buy me sappy cards?

Because he tells me sappy things all the time. He tells me how fantastic I look – whether it’s office wear, evening date dress wear, or lingerie. (Especially when I wear lingerie).

He looks at me when I’m naked after my morning pee and tells me how fantastic I look.

He tells me out of the blue with no prompting how amazing I am. How awesome.

And that he loves me. Not just in response when I say it but he will look at me with a small smile and just say, “I love you Miss Anonymous”.

He makes the ordinary extraordinary. Be it shopping, or cooking or cleaning the house. His sense of humour, his infectious smile, his crinkly eyes that dance mischievously…

He makes me happy. It makes me happy to be with him. To love him. To be in love with him. To walk with him. Argue about chicken wing sauces with him. Cook with him. Clean with him. Sleep with him. Shop with him.

Have incredible mind-blowing sex with him. (That black and white number – best $25 I’ve ever spent!)

He not only loves me for me, he happily goes along with my request to take silly photos or to get dressed up for dinner. He doesn’t make me feel bad about wanting to do those silly things. He embraces who I am and supports what I want.

Imagine. A handsome, sexy man who loves me, can kiss me senseless, will pose for photos with me, loves my cooking (and cooking with me), and looks at me each and every night with desire in his eyes.

I have everything I ever wanted in my life… but I never before thought myself deserving of someone so handsome and kind and thoughtful and funny and sexy.

Six months already.

I can’t wait for the next 600.



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