Sweet or Presumptuous?

At the end of this month, Mr. J2 and I will be celebrating our six month anniversary.

I know, I know… but I really want to celebrate anniversaries again.

So over Easter, we talked about it and decided we’d get a little dressed up that night, and go have dinner at the restaurant where we first met. Then we’d do something after dinner.

And so, because I am me, I bought a gift for Mr. J2.

A set of engraved cuff links.

I know he has some; he showed some of them to me and wore a set on New Year’s Eve. So I know he likes them, and will use them.

He may in fact, already have a set of engraved ones. But I did something a little… unique.

On one, I had his initials engraved.

And on the other… I had mine.

Is that crazy? Weird? Sweet? Or presumptuous?

I mean… technically, they don’t match. They are not a matched set.

That’s okay by me, because that’s not who we are.

But…. they are a pair, and they go together.

Just like us.



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