Picture Perfect

I try not to bash The Ex much. Mr. J2 tries really hard to let things go with her, things that perhaps he shouldn’t… but it is not my place to tell him how to handle her.

For example, this week the kids are off school for March break. It’s his week with them, but The Ex decided that she would take them for a few nights because she was able to take the time off.

It seems a little pushy to me – to expect that just because she can take the time off (and he cannot), that he should give up his time with the kids… just because.

But, he allowed the kids to go for two overnight sleepovers with her this week. He says he is fine with it, and that he is ‘playing nice’ and remembering this for when he wants the kids or wants/needs to change schedules.

Do I think she will be this accommodating to his requests? Nope. But again, that’s not my issue. Having the kids with her last night meant that Mr. J2 and I were able to have an off-week sleepover so I am definitely not complaining.

More importantly… neither is he. He is starting to appreciate the time he is without his children, because that it when we have a chance to connect as a couple. While he definitely isn’t happy when they go back to their mom’s he is decidedly less lonely.

What happened this week though struck me as odd. The Ex came to the house with The Boy to pick up a few things he had left. This happened when Mr. J2 was out-of-town with The Daughter for the weekend.

The Ex took some stuff – some boxes from the basement while she was there.

Then it got weird.

She took the wedding photo that was on display on the ledge of the curved staircase.

What struck me most was that she did this on a weekend when Mr. J2 was not at home. To me it feels like she did this behind his back.

But the bigger issue is why the hell did she take that photo?

She has ALL the wedding and family photos. Mr. J2 decided that for now it was easier for her to take them. Once she is settled, he will ask for them back in order to scan them so that he has copies of their family photos, and school photos of the kids through the years.

I think one of the reasons she took the picture was to be spiteful.

The photo was at the very back of the display. It wasn’t featured prominently by any means. But, the kids knew it was there, as did Mr. J2.

Another reason I think she took it is because of me.

Recently she’s been asking The Daughter a lot about me. How often I am there, what we do together… things like that.

I’ve always maintained that while she may not have wanted to be married to Mr. J2 anymore… she also doesn’t want anyone else to have him.

The Daughter praises my cooking, my looks and my figure.

And I am thinking that The Ex might be feeling a little self-conscious.

No matter what she thinks, this is not a competition. She walked out, and I swooped in to pick up the pieces and fall in love with the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

Her loss.

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

But sneaking in when the owner of the house is away for the weekend… well that’s just playing dirty. No matter if he knew you were doing it – taking your wedding photo was just plain low.

Take your photo. Look at it longingly and think about happier times – if you can.

For while you are perhaps living in the past, Mr. J2 and I are working towards building our future together.

That spot on the stairs won’t stay empty for long… we’ll find something better to place there.

You can bet the newer one will be better. Nicer. Happier.

And I’m not just talking about pictures.




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