A Surprising Champion

So this weekend was a big deal for Mr. J2. Yesterday he closed on the house – meaning he officially took over as the sole owner of the matrimonial home. The Ex went to the lawyer, signed off on it and then Mr. J2 signed his life away with a new mortgage all on his own. It was a big deal for him emotionally, because even though he is happy to stay in a house that he can own and afford on his own while having two kids half-time, he was sad that he had to take out another mortgage for 30 years when he and the wife had already been paying one for the past 15 years. Technically they should have been close to paying it off, but instead, The Ex was a spender, and so they would get further in debt each year, go consolidate to pay it off, and then proceed to spend again.

So with mixed feelings, he had The Ex over on Sunday to start going through some basement items and begin the process of finalizing the ‘stuff’. Deciding who will get what box of crap.

In the process of doing this, The Ex started asking questions.

About me, in particular.

Apparently the daughter, Miss J, has been talking about me to her mom.

Apparently, I am ‘blond, with big boobs.”

And I can cook really well.

And I am skinny. (Well, not really, but compared to Miss J and The Ex, yes, I have a nice hourglass figure.)

In fact, Mr. J2 had one of my pencil skirts in the basement hanging to dry. We’d had a nice little sexual encounter on Saturday afternoon, and my skirt got soaked (more details on that later) so he offered to wash and hang it to dry for me. (He’s a nice guy like that).

So it just happened to be hanging on the rack when The Ex was in the basement looking through stuff.

“That’s a nice skirt,” she said, “whose skirt is that? It’s too small to be Miss J’s”, she asked.

“Um, no, it belongs to Anonymous”, Mr. J2 replied.

What we learned from this brief exchange (other than the fact that Mr. J2 is slowly losing respect for The Ex, which is a great thing), is that the daughter, Miss J, talks about me a lot to The Ex.

And we are not quite sure why, since neither child talks about The Ex’s “friend” with Mr. J2.

My thoughts on this are simple: the kids are not stupid. They saw how mom acted towards dad. They saw how mom pushed dad away when he went for a hug or a kiss, or any kind of affection. They saw how sad dad was when mom left.

They saw it all. And they know.

They know that dad and I hug all the time. They know that we kiss all the time. They know that we love spending time together, even if it’s just folding endless loads of laundry.

So even though Miss J is 12 and very possessive of her father, she knows that I make him happy. She knows that he is happier when I’m around him. And she knows that mom didn’t make dad happy for a lot of years.

So of course she is going to tell Mom all about how awesome I am. How I make the best Enchilada sauce. How I have a great figure. How much I make dad smile.

And I encourage it. Go ahead Miss J, you tell your mom all about me.

Because she better get used to it, because I am not going anywhere for a long, long time.



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