Keeping Secrets

Things with Mr. J2 are still going along wonderfully. I can hardly believe it myself, but each passing day it just gets better and better.

Who knew?

Things with his kids are going pretty well also. We spent Wednesday this week together, running errands and shopping (and a brief nooner at my place) and then had dinner with him, his kids, and his father who is visiting this week.

After dinner, we all went to the local pool for a family swim.

It was a lot of fun. I had a great time. I got to see Mr. J2 in his element with his kids, and we spent some time together as a unit.

I’m just glad that this is something he started to do on his own with the kids; it was not something the whole family (including Mom) did together. So while I might be the new one in the group, I am not really replacing anyone.

As the evening went on, Mr, J2’s daughter found one of her friends and so they spent some time together. They swam over to where we were and she said, ‘Hi Anonymous!” when she swam by. I said hi back. Then her friend said, “who’s Anonymous?”

And the Daughter replied, “she’s my dad’s girlfriend.”

Whew. Crisis averted. Yes, I am her dad’s girlfriend, and I am really happy that she sees me that way, and didn’t just say ‘dad’s friend’. Because unlike the Ex, we are up front about our relationship with the kids. (To a point – we haven’t had a sleepover yet, that might still be early.)

The Ex still calls the man she is seeing “a friend”, and that’s okay. She can define it however she wants.

There is one secret we’ve been keeping from the kids though, and it’s starting to make me a little uncomfortable.

You know, I know, Mr. J2 (and his extended family) knows… but the kids right now don’t know that I work at the same place that Mom does.

The kids might not think it’s much of a big deal… but when Mom finds out, I think it will be an awkward situation.

For me. Awkward for me.

From what Mr. J2 has told me, the Ex seems very childish. So, once she knows where in the organization I work, I can guarantee she will send ‘spies’ down. Friends she has in her department will undoubtedly come down to my department to ask for things they may or may not need, just to size me up, and then report back to her.

She might find herself walking by my location a few times to get a look at the competition through the windows.

Because although Mr. J2 doesn’t think she wants him back, I think I know better. From the texts he has shared with me, I can tell that although she may not want to be with him anymore, I can say with confidence that she doesn’t want anyone else to be with him either. I am willing to bet that she is not as happy as she thought she would be on her own, and if she sees Mr. J2 happy – and he is very happy – it’s going to make her jealous, because he ‘should be’ lonely and missing her.

I also think that once the Ex knows we work for the same organization, she won’t be happy. She’ll be pissed off. She will think that we were playing her for a fool, laughing at her behind her back at the big joke.

Even though that is far from the case.

It’s not a joke. We haven’t told the kids because they don’t care. And really, since she hasn’t bothered to introduce her ‘friend’ to Mr. J2, why should it matter where I work? Or anything else about me for that matter?

But yet, because I am that kind of person… it makes me feel bad. I do feel like we are keeping a secret from her. And if I worked for any other company it wouldn’t matter one bit. But the fact that I sit at my desk three floors below hers is just …. weird.

It’s bad enough I am sleeping in the room she shared with her husband, and having amazing sex with him on their old bed sheets, but thank God Mr. J2 bought a new mattress after she moved out because that’s a memory I would not want the memory foam bed to retain.

Even though it’s about me, this is not my secret to tell. What am I going to do, send her an internal memo to introduce myself? Instead I will let Mr. J2 decide when the time is right for her to know… so long as he gives me a warning when he does so that I know when to be on the lookout for strange women wandering in front of the windows.


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