Things with Mr. J2 are progressing nicely.

I really like this guy.

And, miracle of miracles… he really likes me too.

I can’t believe it myself sometimes.

He actually WANTS to see me. To text me.

When he is going to be away from his phone for any length of time, he lets me know. So I don’t think he is ignoring me.

He really is a ‘nice guy’.

And… we solved the little problem he was having.

It took him a few times, but he was finally able to orgasm.

Let me tell you though… I have never known a man who stays hard as long as he does.

On Saturday night, we had sex two or three times. He didn’t have an orgasm, but I had two. And for an hour and a half, his dick stayed hard.

In the morning, we had sex two more times. And finally, we had a happy ending.

Is this it? Is this my happy ending?

He’s saying all the right things.

A few more samples from his recent texts:

“Great food, okay sleep and an awesome woman. I’m pretty simple”

“Okay so not to get carried away but maybe we figure something out for the holidays?”

“I’m trying to work here… and you are the best kind of distraction”

“Well you totally have my attention, incredibly so…”

“I’m still a simple boy… uncomplicated for the most part but you seem to bring something out of me :)”

“When I have passion for someone I never lose it”

“You had me with the blue panties” (I wore my sexy blue panties on our second date (skating), and he told me he liked them… because he saw them when I bent over. And I was embarrassed that he saw them.)

“You have my undivided attention for some reason :)”

“I fucking love kissing you” (this while we were making out on my couch on Friday night.)

“Even if I don’t talk a lot it’s important for the people closest to me to know how i feel because they can’t read my mind. I REALLY like you.”

‘Have to go but I’ll be thinking of you…”

“Maybe we need to take a few selfies on Saturday evening.. you know, some for us. And some to show people”

Seriously. He wants to take photos of us together to show people.

I dated a guy for two years and ended things with him in February. In the entire two years we were dating, we had a grand total of three photos of the two of us. When in vacation in the Turks and Caicos, when asked if he wanted to pose for a photo with me, he replied, “I’m okay”.

(That means no thanks, in case you didn’t get that)

And yet after just a few weeks, Mr J2 is already wanting photographic evidence of our union.

If he had a Facebook profile, he would change his status to ‘in a relationship’.

For the first time in a really, really long time – since 1999 – I have met a guy that wants the same things as I do. AND he wants to be with me.

And not because of what I can do for him.

But because of who I am.




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