What’s The Catch?

I’m seeing Mr. J2 again tonight.

It’s his last free night without the kids. He is coming over to my house for dinner after work.

He’s still saying sweet things to me that make me smile. I am such a teenager.

In texting last night he asked if he snored or made any noises while sleeping.

I told him that no, other than a couple of squeaks, (he has sinus issues, I could tell when we were kissing), he was pretty quiet.

I asked if I made any noise.

He responded: “I didn’t notice but I was too busy enjoying the view”.

He always sends me a text first thing in the morning. And always a good night text at the end of the day.

Let’s recap, shall we?

He’s cute – I obviously find him attractive or I wouldn’t have even met him. (Remember – Paul Rudd + Edward Burns = Mr. J2.)

He’s fit. He’s just shy of 6 feet tall, thin/athletic build. I won’t say that I think his hips are narrower than mine are… but it’s close.

He’s not overly hairy. He has no hair on his back and has hair on his chest. Not hairball-inducing amounts, but just enough to play with. (His arms and legs are hairy though… think Robin Williams’ hairy arms.)

He’s funny. We laugh so much when we are together. No matter the story, we each find a way to laugh together about it.

He’s optimistic and doesn’t focus on the negative. One of the things we like about each other is that we both usually find the good/positive side of things. (Yes, it’s cold and dark now in the mornings, but at least there is no snow in the ground!)

He is actively involved with his kids. (Yes, this could be a negative but I choose to see this as a positive. He talks about them a lot, but always in context with whatever topic we are currently discussing. It’s not incessant chatter, but valid or funny points.)

He’s sweet. As you have read snippets of our conversations, you have read his very simple and sweet compliments.

He’s tidy. His house was not immaculate; it had the trappings of a family that includes teenagers. Working delayed shift work means not much time for housecleaning but I found no fault with his place. Sure there were piles of books and kid stuff everywhere, but it was definitely cleaner than my place.

He cooks. He has to since he has his kids one week at a time.

He’s considerate. He offered for me to spend the night if I chose to, he even went so far as to ask what side of the bed I preferred to sleep on. I think if I had chosen ‘his’ side, he would have said that was fine with him. Also, I’ve noticed that when he has to be away from his phone for any length of time, he tells me.

He prefers the simpler things. So far our dates have been 1) dinner, 2) ice-skating and drinks, 3) dinner at his place and 4) dinner at my place (tonight). Very casual.

So after reading this list – and I’m sure I could add more to it – I have to ask myself (in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice)… what’s the catch? What’s his fault? Where is his downside? His bad habits?

Okay, so being in a very long marriage has left him with a very limited sexual catalogue.

I can work with that.

I know we’ve only been out three times, and have sent numerous emails and texts but really… where is the catch here?

Cause right now – I ain’t seeing it.



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