Tonight’s The Night

Tonight is my date with Mr. J2. Our third date.

Yes, I am nervous.

We talked a little last night via text, and he already invited me to stay the night if I choose; he leaves for work at 5:30 am so it would give me plenty of time to drive home and get myself ready for work.

When I didn’t hear from him for about half an hour last night, he texted to apologize and to tell me that his brother phoned, and he was busy talking to him.

Then he said he was going to call his other brother. He sent me a final goodnight text around 10:30 pm.

He texts me first thing in the morning every morning to say good morning and to give me a weather head’s up (another joke between us).

He texts me just before going to bed every night.

And he uses my name too. He will write, “Good night Anonymous, sleep well.”

He emails me during his split shift and asks how my day is going.

He texts me during his break during his second shift.

He texts me when he gets home and asks what I had for dinner. (The weeks he doesn’t have his kids; when he has his kids with him I usually only hear from him later in the evening when he is getting them ready for the night.)

Correct me if I am wrong, but this does not sound like a guy who just wants to get laid.

A guy who just wants sex is not going to tell a woman that she is welcome to spend the night.

A guy who just wants sex is not going to take the time each day to ask her how her day went. Or ask what she ate for dinner.

A guy who just wants sex is not going to ask a woman how she feels about male body hair. (I’ve seen his arms, I know they are very hairy. He sent me a full body pic (not naked) and it’s definitely not a problem for me. Just the right amount of hair vs. skin. And he did confirm that he does landscaping as well so that’s all I need to know.)

He is not a guy who just wants sex.

At least, I don’t think he just wants sex from me.

We’ll know more tonight.

I’ve planned my outfit. A tight tank top (over spectacular lingerie), a button down chambray shirt (undoing buttons adds to seduction I am thinking), with a belt at the waist to show my figure, over skinny camel pants to show off my curves. (And give him easy access to said lingerie – easier access than jeans.)

Simple. Casual.

Sexy, in a I’m-not-tying kind of way.

Wish me luck. Full deets coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.




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