It Continues to Be a Small World

Saturday night I went out for date two with Mr. J2.

I like him.

I really like him.

This date was straight out of high school, minus the alcohol – we started at a bar for a drink, then we left to go ice skating. We skated for a bit, then changed and went back to the same bar for another drink and a bite to eat.

We went back to his place – where his dad was home, asleep (he’s visiting from out-of-town) – and talked for a bit as my car warmed up.

Then we hugged goodbye and I drove home.

No sex. No kissing. But it was still a great date. We laughed a lot. We talked a lot.

In the course of talking he mentioned his ex – he does that, we both do. It’s natural.

But this time he used her first name.

So of course on Sunday morning I had to use Google to see what I could find on her, since I know Mr. J2 is not on Facebook and has little online presence.

Well… I found her all right.

And wouldn’t you know…. we work for the same organization!


Now we work in different departments, and I don’t know her. She could walk into my office and ask me a question, and I would not know who she is.

But still… it is a little weird to say the least. And Mr. J2 knows where I work.

Last night our texting moved to the dark side a bit. Our inside joke is ‘folding laundry’ (as he seems to always be folding laundry when we text before bed.)

So we talked about folding laundry. And then he asked me if I wanted to try for date #3.

Oh hell yeah.

But before we talk about folding laundry or date #3 I needed to know if he was okay with the fact that his ex and I both work at the same place.

After some back and forth he said that he was fine with it. I had reassured him that I don’t know her and am not likely to meet her. And I also let him know that I am not a vengeful person; meaning if something were to happen between us negatively, I am not about to go to her and talk about it. I wouldn’t hurt someone like that on purpose, so he can trust me to be discreet.

So we ended the night talking about folding laundry (and he says he likes my attitude regarding sex. Why shouldn’t he? Any guy would be happy to meet a girl who admits to enjoying sex, one would think). We haven’t set up date #3, but I am thinking it will be this week. He’s kid-free, so I’m hoping we can make a plan that suits both of us.

Meanwhile, I promise not to stalk his ex here at work.

Much, anyway.


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