A Funny Thing Happened While Waiting for a Blind Date…

So it seems I missed out on updating you on a lot that has happened to me recently.

I went back and re-read some of my latest posts and I realized I forgot to tell you about two back-to-back dates I had!

The first was with Mr. A, on October 29.

We had been emailing and flirting and chatting for almost a week when he asked to meet me. On a school night no less! I threw caution to the wind and met him at a little bar he recommended.

Oh, this is a good one too. How the hell did I forget to write about it?

So I arrive early. What can I say? I am an early one. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for me to get there and I knew parking would be an issue. So I arrived about half an hour early. Good thing too – the place was packed!

The owner met me at the door and asked if I was looking for a group of women. I told him, ‘no, I’m meeting someone here but if that doesn’t work out maybe you can show me to their table?” Said with a smile.

So he found me a quiet table by the window where I could watch the people arriving. It was so hot in there – I had dressed for the cooler weather so I was boiling hot. A few minutes later the waitress came by and I ordered a drink. Told her I was meeting someone. A few minutes after that the owner came back and told me that he wants women to feel comfortable here, so that if things didn’t go well I was to let him know.

Wow. Talk about service!

A few minutes later my drink arrived. With another message from the waitress also telling me to let her know if I was uncomfortable. Holy crap, did everyone know?

Then I noticed a man arrive. He was wearing a jacket. I tried to get a good look at the jacket, because my date, Mr. A. told me he would be wearing a sport team jacket.

But those jackets come in all sizes. Leather bomber? Windbreaker? Pullover? Red? Black?

So I was staring at Mr. Jacket, who buzzed in and out of the packed room, obviously looking for someone. Me, perhaps?

The second time he buzzed in he came over to me. I guess he noticed me staring at him (trying to make out the logo on his jacket).

He came over to my table by the window and said, “Hi, what’s your name?” with a smile and a handshake.

I told him my name, shook his hand. “I’m not really sure where I’m going” he said. Then he buzzed out again.

Boy that was weird. So I went back to looking out the window and checking the time on my phone.

Then Mr. Jacket was seated at the table for four diagonally across from me. He sat in the chair facing me. A few minutes passed, then he said, “waiting for someone?”.

“Yes. Is it that obvious?” I said with a laugh.

Then the waitress came by. I guess Mr. Jacket was a regular. He was waiting for some friends to arrive to watch the football game on the big screen.

A few more minutes passed then he said, “is this a … <pause>.. first communion?”

I chuckled. “Yes, yes it is,” I told him.

“Where did you meet?” he asked.

“Online.” I replied.

He smiled a bit. Nodded his head. “Which site?”

“I’m not going to tell you that!” I laughed.

He went back to his phone. Then he said, “come on… which one?”

So I told him… “I was Fishing.”

He nodded. “Yes, I know that one. I was on there as well a few years ago. Before I got married and had kids. Now I am not married,” he paused, “but still have the kids.”

I chuckled. “Yes, that’s usually how it works.”

A few moments pass. “So, what’s your user name?”

“I am definitely not telling you that,” I laughed. “This is awkward enough as it is!”.

“Well my friends and I are waiting for that table”,” he says as he pointed to the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME. “If this guy gives you grief you just let us know, you can come and join us.”

I laughed. “Fuck,” I said, “this is like being on a date with my brother chaperoning.”

He laughed at that. Went back to his phone. A few minutes later he saw me looking out the window. “Is he late?”

“No. I am early.”

“What time is he meeting you?”

“8:20” I say. “After a meeting ends.”

“8:20? What kind of time is 8:20? Why not just 8:30 and be early?” he said.

“What does he look like?”

“Oh, you know…” I said, “like everyone else these days.”

He nodded. A few minutes later he pointed to a guy outside. “Is that him? He’s good-looking!”

I chuckled again. “no, not him. He is wearing a jacket from a sports team. That’s why I was looking at your jacket, trying to see if you were him.”

He nods. Goes back to his phone.

“So… do you have any….?” he flattens his hand and lowers it to the ground. He waits and then says, “short ones?” Ah. Gotcha.

“No, I don’t have any kids” I said.

“Any of the two-legged kind?”

“Yes, one. A cat.”

He nodded. “Yes, most do if they don’t have the other kind.”

During this exchange the waitress keeps coming back and forth. There is an older man sitting at the table right next to me, listening and watching. He just watched it all while eating his wings – I bet it was more entertaining than the pre-game show on the big screen.

He of course, had to put in his two cents worth as well, about how meeting a blind date was so nerve-wracking.

Okay, so now I am on a blind date with my brother and my father chaperoning!

Finally the older man leaves. The table next to me opens up. Still, Mr. Jacket just watches me watch the window.

Then, finally it’s 8:20 and Mr. A. shows up. Right on time. Wearing a sports team jacket. We greet. We sit. We start talking.

And I notice Mr. Jacket discreetly give me the thumbs up and a cheesy grin, which made me chuckle.

I turn my attention back to Mr. A. We discussed travel, World War II (I know), The Princess Bride (which I have never seen in its entirety) and the usual other things people talk about while on a first date.

At this point, a table right on front of the big screen opened up, so Mr. Jacket and his friends sat there to watch the game. Thank God.

About an hour into our date, the owner came by. Stopped at the table, looked at us both and said, “how are you doing tonight?”.

We nodded, and said “fine”. Then he looked directly at me and said, “is everything all right here?”

Just kill me now.

“Yes, everything is great. Thank you” I said.

So about two hours after our date started it was getting really warm. Like, sweating warm. So Mr. A. said, “do you want to get out of here?”.

“Sure, sounds good.” I said. I picked up my stuff, put on my layers for the outside. Then as I was leaving, Mr. Jacket said, “bye, Anonymous” and smiled.

Mr. A and I went outside into the cool refreshing air. He walked me to my car. We talked at my car about all kinds of things. Then he kissed me. Softly. Two hugs. A “we’ll be in touch”, and then I was in my car and on my way. (All this took about 15 minutes after leaving the bar.)

I drove home, happy. It was a successful date, I think. I actually kissed someone on the first date – a soft, chaste kiss, but still, it was a kiss. We got along well. No lack of conversation, or laughs. Not bad at all.

And, I think I got hit on… weirdness all around me.

And then… I didn’t hear from Mr. A on Friday.

Nor on Saturday.

Finally, on Sunday I sent him a quick email thanking him for the evening and asking if I was going to see him again – but in cute way. I also told him that if not, it was nice meeting him and that I wished him luck in his search.

No reply. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Oh well. I guess I wasn’t his type. This was my first dating rejection.

But the whole evening made for a great story. I just wish I had gotten Mr. Jacket’s name….

Next up – bowling with Mr. C. October 30th. Stay tuned…




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