You Got to Be Startin’ Something

It’s times like this when I truly miss having a BFF.

You know… that person you run to as soon as you have exciting news? Usually only women have them though – I’ve never known a man to call up a buddy and say, “dude – I got the sweetest deal on yogurt today!”

For you see… I have some news.

Something happened. And I need to talk to someone about it.

To pick apart every detail. To go over every moment for nuances and double meanings.

Mr. R has been in town for three nights now. He should finish work today and be heading back home later this afternoon.

And we spent every night together while he was here.

And when I say night? I mean…. night.

As in all night. Every night.


It started out innocent enough on Monday evening. Drinks and dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel where he usually stays when he is in town.

Then we went back to go for a swim in the pool. We had a few drinks before dinner, and one during, so we were in a good mood.

I went into the washroom to change into my suit. I came out and he was in his suit as well.

Lying on the bed.

Previously we had avoided the bed at all costs. We sat on the sofa or on the chairs to avoid the awkwardness that is the bed. After all, the bed is like a giant flashing light, given the sexual tension between us.

He said, ‘the bed is comfy… come cuddle’.

So I did.

Just cuddling. To testing the water.

Testing the fit, if you will.

And just from that ten minute cuddle… I could tell we would be a good fit.

But then I suspected that all along. Given the hours we’ve spent on the phone talking or chatting over Messenger, I knew that we would be a good fit.

I just was quite surprised at HOW good a fit.

After cuddling for a bit we moved to back rubs. Since it was now close to nine o’clock – and the pool closes at nine – we knew that going for a swim was out of the question.

So I asked if he wanted a shoulder rub.

Which of course he said yes to. So I changed from my swimsuit into some yoga pants and a tank top.

Now, here’s the thing: I planned this outfit on purpose. You know what yoga pants do to a woman’s ass, don’t you?

And this pair is especially good at that.

So I started massaging his back and neck – purely professional. I did not touch anything I shouldn’t have.

And I give exceptional back rubs. I use pressure where it’s needed, dig into the neck muscles a bit. I have strong thumbs and I used them to knead tired muscles.

I know what I am doing.

I casually mentioned as I was working on his shoulders that I was planning to spend the night. I mentioned how hot it was in my apartment (seriously, it was awful trying to sleep on Sunday night with the humidity) and that sleeping in an air-conditioned room would be welcome relief.

A few seconds passed and then he said I could stay.

We continued with the massaging – he did my back and shoulders after I did his – and then it was after ten. He mentioned something about sending some emails, so I suggested he go do the work while I got ready to sleep.

I said sleep, not bed. I want to make that clear.

So that’s what he did; he sat at the computer desk working on his laptop – I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean up before bed, the same as I would if I was at home.

I got into bed, got comfortable with my phone to read for a bit – the same as I would at home. I was just wearing more clothes to be respectful.

Mr. R finished his work, got himself ready for bed, then got into his side of the huge king bed.

In a flash he was next to me.

And then he kissed me.

It was unexpected to say the least. I was fully expecting to cuddle. To talk. Maybe a little flirting and teasing because that’s what we do.

I was not expecting a full-on make-out session.

And oh, my…. what a make out session.

I won’t go into details about what happened. Somethings are best left unsaid.

But I don’t think he left much unsaid – he is an extremely vocal man, who shows appreciation for a woman’s body. He explored every inch of my body.

It’s never easy for me to take a compliment, usually. What are you supposed to say other than, ‘thank you’?

All I can say is that there is definitely a connection.  We definitely fit well together – in more ways than one.

So we spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights together. Dinner, walks, a few drinks, a swim, a plunge in the hot tub.

Always ending up…. well, you know.

Extremely compatible in every way – at least so far.

He should finish work today and head home later this afternoon. While I don’t want him to leave, I know that living out of hotels and eating in restaurants is tiring for him. He craves his time at his cottage and I know he is dying to get back there.

We have not discussed the future.

I did not make demands.

I did not force him to make promises he may not be able to keep.

I definitely did NOT ask about his availability status.

I just lived in the moment. For three days and nights, we were together as a couple. A kiss good morning; a hug goodbye. A kiss hello. The ‘how was your day?’ conversation at dinner.

We walked around town arm-in-arm. Cuddled in bed watching television. Shared the bathroom. I dealt with his snoring (ear plugs worked perfectly).

I can honestly say I haven’t felt this comfortable with a man in years. I haven’t felt this deep of a connection with anyone in a long time, either. He makes me laugh and makes me think. Keeps me on my toes.

No bullshit. No pretending. Just being myself.

We’ll see what the future holds. He needs his space and I need mine, so at least in my books, a long-distance thing works. He causally mentioned he would be back in town for work in September, but I knew that he was saying that to get a rise out of me. So I countered with, “that’s a perfect time to be in town. I just hope it’s not when I am overseas.”

He laughed in my ear and said, ‘I’m sure I’ll see you before September.”

I certainly hope so. If he doesn’t see how well suited we are for each other he is an incredibly foolish and stupid man.

Neither of which applies to him.

So I will just take it as it comes.

Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa







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